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The Distinguished Service Award was established in 1994 to recognize members who have performed outstanding and sustained service to the Institute. Candidates are evaluated by Past Presidents of AIFRB and judged on the basis of contributions to the Institute. If you would like to suggest a nominee for the Distinguished Service Award, please contact AIFRB's Past Presidents.

Submit nominations to:

Past President: Tom Keegan


Subject: AIFRB Distinguished Service Award



1994     Oliver "Ollie" Cope            

1995     Sammy Ray

1997     Joseph W. Rachlin

1998     John V. Merriner

1999     Katherine W. Myers

2000     John B. Pearce

2001     Thomas R. Lambert

2002     Barbara E. Warkentine

2003     William Bayliff

2004     John "Jack" Helle

2005     Allen Shimada

2006     GeneHuntsman

2008     Thomas Keegan

2009     Douglas Vaughan

2011     Gary Sakagawa

2012     Jerry Ault

2013     William Bayliff

2014     G. Morris Southward

2015     Kathryn Dickson

2016     Sean Lucey

2017     Todd Chapman

2018     Cate O'Keefe

2019     Douglas Zemeckis

2020     Beth Bowers

Beth 2020 plaque.jpg

Beth Bowers, 2020 Dedicated Service Award Winner for her contributions serving as the Briefs Newsletter Editor

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