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The Bylaws of AIFRB were incorporated in 1956 and were amended in 2017.  The Bylaws continue to serve as the Institute's guidelines and principles for decision-making and governance structure.  Please contact President, Jeff Vieser ( with any questions or suggestions.


Maintaining continuity and consistency of routine and non-routine tasks presents challenges in a volunteer organization.  Past President Vaughn Anthony was one of the first to recognize the changing faces of AIFRB and foresaw the need to reference a book that provided guidelines for the best practices of board members. He assembled a preliminary Procedures Manual. From there, Barbara Warkentine and Gary Sakagawa, with the assistance of Michelle DeLaFuente, expanded the contents into the 2002 edition. Today, the Procedures Manual serves as a valuable reference and, as a living document, continues to evolve with AIFRB.  The most recent updates were completed in November 2020.  

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