President’s Message – Summer 2016

President’s Message – Summer 2016

President’s Message – Summer 2016

Vote now for Tom Keegan for AIFRB President-ElectGreetings AIFRB Membership.

The 2016 annual AIFRB BOC meeting is just weeks away, and we are finalizing our agenda for what will prove to be an exciting, yet challenging meeting in Kansas City. There are several timely and important items that are before us. However, before I get started, I have recently changed my email address; please note the change to

Research Awards. First and foremost, we have had no applications for our 2016 annual research assistance awards this year. Established in 1986 to support travel expenses associated with professional development, AIFRB’s Clark Hubb Student Research Awards are offered annually to AIFRB graduate students and other Associate members of the Institute in good standing. The award is granted to cover travel expenses associated with presenting results of an original research paper or research project of merit at scientific meetings or to conduct research at distant study sites. If you meet these qualifications, and are in need of funding to come to the AFS meeting in Kansas City, or any other meeting where you will be presenting your research, take a moment to apply. For information, visit our website at: In essence, the application packages must contain a research abstract, letter of support from the student’s sponsor, and a 2-page curriculum vitae. Send applications to, or get further information from, Dr. Jerald S. Ault at You’ll be glad you did!

Presidency. I mentioned in my last message that we are now soliciting nominations for our next president. I think the most important qualification is that the nominee has a real passion for the Institute. I also mentioned that the Institute supports diversity in the makeup of our Institute officers, with the point being that we are seeking nominations for President regardless of gender, ethnicity, or whether the applicant works in the private or public sector. I also believe that our next President should be active in social media, and work closely with our Young Professionals Representative. Please send me your nomination for President at

Membership. Our Membership Chair, Todd Chapman, reported during our interim BOC meeting in mid-June, that a total of 69 new members had been accepted into the Institute this year. At that time, that total was just short of the record for new member recruitment achieved in 1983 and 1984 (70 new members). I am really pleased to report that we have now surpassed that record recruitment from the 80’s and currently stand at 71 new members for 2016.

Financial. Our increasing membership assists us in meeting our budgetary goals and issues, yet we continue in our struggle to support our activities and our award program. I once again remind our membership to please ensure that dues payments are current. Also, please be sure that your email address and other contact information is current; send updated information to our treasurer or membership chair, to ensure continued receipt of Briefs and other important information from the Institute. We continue to update the focus of our website to report on membership news and member research, so we really want to hear about your promotions, awards, research, etc. (Please submit updates to

AIFRB Symposium. If you will be attending the AFS meetings in Kansas City, be sure to come to the AIFRB-supported symposium (moderated by Sean Lucey), Fisheries Science in 140 Characters: The Role of Social Media in our Science.

Last year I invited membership to stop by the BOC meeting, and I am again making that same invitation. Please feel free to stop by our Saturday or Sunday meetings, either to simply say hello or to join us in our discussions. Meeting location and time are listed in the AFS meeting program; Schedule-at-a-Glance. The AIFRB BOC is looking forward to seeing you in Kansas City or hearing from via email.

Tom Keegan
American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB)

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