2016 Membership Report

2016 Membership Report

A total of 72 new members were added to the Institute during the period of August 2015-August 2016, a level which has not been attained since 1980. Nearly 45% of new memberships in 2016 were accepted at the student/professional associate level for a total of 32, this number does not exceed what was achieved in 2015 but it is still well above the 32 year average (16). Thirty eight (38) new memberships were accepted into the Institute at Member level, which is the highest number at this rank since 1981. Five (5) individuals were accepted at the Fellow level, and we even accepted one individual as an Emeritus Fellow.

Overall recruitment in 2016 was widely distributed among 13 Districts within six (6) Regions, and four (4) states which currently do not have established districts. The majority (47.2%) of recruitment occurred within three Districts, Northwest Washington (15.3%), Southern California and Mexico (18.1%), and Capital (13.9%). The Northwestern and Southwestern States Regions together accounted for 51.4% of the membership, while the Central States and Middle Canada Region accounted for 5.6%, and the Southeastern States and Eastern Mexico Region accounted for 8.3%. Alaska and Western Canada Region accepted six (6) new members for a total of 8.3%, and the Northeastern States and Eastern Canada Region accounted for 26.4%. We once again had some International interest from individuals in Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Both of these individuals were vetted through the committee and assigned a membership level, but upon being notified of their acceptance they either lost interest or were not able to make payment.

Name Membership Status District
Kelsey Kuykendall Associate Central States
Alex Gonyaw Associate Pacific Northwest
Amanda Van Diggelen Associate Southern California
Caleb Hasler Member Central States
Leah Baumwell Member Florida
David Stormer Member Florida
Kristen Ferry Member New England
Alison Verkade Member New England
Tracey Steig Member Pacific Northwest
Robert Win Member Southern California
Dr. Douglas Austen Fellow Capital
Dr. Thomas Bigford Fellow Capital
Dr. Eva Bergman Fellow International
Dr. Larry Greenberg Fellow International
David Geist Fellow Pacific Northwest
Nivette Perez Perez Student Capital
Efeturi Oghenekaro Student Capital
Lisa Hollensead Student Carolinas
Jeremy Higgs Student Central States
Sara Pace Student Central States
Thomas Remington Student Hawaii
Dmytro Khrystenko Student Keystone
Robert Boenish Student New England
Mackenzie Mazur Student New England
Dr. Jason Boucher Student New England
Kathryn Blair Student Pacific Northwest
Arthur Barraza Student Southern California
Echelle Burns Student Southern California
Barbara Weiser Student Southern California

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