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"All of us were helped along the way by colleagues who wanted to protect fish and manage fisheries. Membership in AIFRB will help give back to our profession.”—Dick Beamish, AIFRB President 2008-2015.

  1. We provide free pre-submission reviews of manuscripts. Members may submit a draft of a paper for a friendly peer review by one of our senior scientists. JOIN NOW
  2. We provide a mentor service that includes arranging work experience throughout North America. JOIN NOW
  3. Awards are given out annually for individual and group achievement, and for outstanding contributions by students and young biologists. JOIN NOW

    "My involvement in AIFRB helped me to recognize the community aspect of fishery research, and how being an active member in our community offers me a broader perspective of our science and makes me a better biologist.” — Steve Cadrin, NOAA/UMass Dartmouth

  4. Members meet regionally to discuss issues important to the resource and to fisheries scientists. JOIN NOW
  5. We provide advice on fishery resources, and research issues that emphasize what is known and what needs to be known. The AIFRB avoids being alarmist or reactionary, and prefers to be a source of reliable information and advice. JOIN NOW

    "Join the AIFRB. The AIFRB was started to promote excellence in fishery research in North America. The founders represented the spirit of excellence and the importance of asking the right questions.’ They have passed the baton to us to maintain the highest standards in science, conservation and management of fish stocks.Brian Rothschild, UMass Dartmouth


  6. AIFRB hosts major symposia on important topics in fisheries. A book, “The Future of Fisheries Science in North America”, resulted from the 2007 symposium in Seattle. Authors of 34 chapters review the science in their particular fields and use their experience to develop informed opinions about the future. JOIN NOW
  7.  We give back to the profession of fishery science. Pay Dues!  JOIN NOW

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Membership is open to qualified individuals with formal training and demonstrated competence and achievement in the field of fishery science, conservation, and management and related research. An individual’s membership rank is based on their achievements in fishery and related sciences and conservation.

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Click here to Pay Your Dues or to Donate!  Consider a Tax-Deductible Donation to the AIFRB (EIN 61-6050711): Your support of AIFRB will greatly increase our ability to develop and maintain active scholarship and award programs. Your donation to the Institute is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law for donations to 501(c)(3) organizations. As you plan your Charitable Donations this year, please consider a donation to the AIFRB to help build our scholarship and award funds.

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