Founding Fellows

Founding Fellows

The American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) is a professional organization established in 1956 to promote conservation and proper utilization of fishery resources through the use of fishery and related sciences. The role of the Institute is the professional development and performance of its members, and the recognition of their achievements.

All of its 26 founding members (henceforth called “Founding Fellows” because they were all eventually promoted to fellows) are now deceased. The Founding Fellows, by establishing an organization with high standards for admission and for conduct, performed an important service for the profession. Biographies of the 26 Founding Fellows are presented here to recognize their contributions to fishery science.

The biographies were assembled from many sources, including obituaries in the AIFRB Briefs, newspapers, and scientific journals and from personal communications with family members and colleagues of the Founding Members. There are abbreviated biographies of nearly all the Founding Fellows in various editions of American Men and Women of Science, and these, since they are based on information supplied by the Founding Fellows, were highly useful for supplying missing information and checking dates and locations. In addition to the biographies, there are “remembrances,” written by friends of some of the Founding Fellows. The biographies vary greatly in length because there was considerable variation in the amounts of information that were available for different Founding Fellows. Because the biographies were assembled from various sources, and even those that were almost entirely from single sources were edited to some extent for various reasons, none of them is attributed to an author. However, there is a REFERENCES section after the last biography that lists the sources of information (other than American Men and Women of Science). The remembrances, however, for obvious reasons are attributed to specific authors. The biographies are far from perfect. Readers who find errors or omissions are urged to communicate with William H. Bayliff, Remembrances are particularly welcome, as these add flavor to biographies that might seem dull to some readers. Some of the biographies state that the subject had written many important papers, but do not give any further information about any of the papers. Specific information about those papers would also be welcome.

To read more: The Founding Fellows of the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB), William H. Bayliff, Editor

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