BRIEFS: November 2014 – Online

BRIEFS: November 2014 – Online




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Introducing Todd Chapman, AIFRB’s New Membership Committee Chair

Introducing Todd Chapman, AIFRB’s New Membership Committee Chair

Todd Chapman is currently the Southern California Aquatics Group Manager at ECORP Consulting Inc. based out of the Santa Ana, California office. He achieved his Master’s Degree in 2000 from California State University of Long Beach, where he studied otolith development and increment formation in early life history stages of California grunion (Leuresthes tenuis). His current research interests include the …Read more.

Catherine O'Keefe, AIFRB Member, Helps Teach Fishery Management to Cubans

Catherine O'Keefe, AIFRB Young Professional Leader, Helps Teach Fishery Management to Cubans

It might seem odd: Cuban fisheries managers and scientists seated around a table in this fabled but faded Cape Cod fishing port, sharing their stories of managing crocodiles, manatees and reef fish while trying to absorb the successes and failures of the New England fisheries. But, as Elisa Garcia, Cuba's director of fishing regulations and science put it, there is …Read more.

A photo of Bernie Skud

Bernie Skud's Blog Posts and Papers Now Housed on AIFRB

Bernie lives on!  Thank you to his family. Click here to read all of his manuscripts. Please consider this email as permission to copy information from my father's (Bernard Skud) web site ( to the AIFRB Website  ( more.



Vote now for Tom Keegan for AIFRB President-Elect

November 2014

Having taken the office of the AIFRB Presidency in Quebec City in August, I attended my 14th AIFRB BOC annual meeting; three as Northern California District Director, and 11 as Membership Committee Chair. I have served the Institute under 5 AIFRB presidents, all of whom have taught me important lessons for assuming the Presidency of this most prestigious Institute. Gary …Read more.


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Photo of AIFRB Member Abigail Lynch

Put a Shine on Your CV!

We are looking for new and exciting content (blogs, articles, videos, and social media!)  How about starting a blog (by yourself or with a tag team)… or just learn how to blog?  Need some digital publishing experience?  Want to get to know the ins and ...Read online.



AIFRB Members in the News - Beamish, Cadrin, Lassen, Rothschild

Beamish, Cadrin, Lassen, Rothschild

Senior scientists and fishery managers from leading fishing nations concluded three days of talks on the status of fisheries and sustainability of seafood at the fourth annual SSF which called for the re-evaluation of seafood ecolabelling guidelines that many say are  …Read more.

AIFRB MEMBER: Jesse Trushenski on the American Fisheries Society Fisheries Magazine - Aquaculture-Themed Issue and Guidance Regarding Hatchery Operation

Jess Trushenski, Jim Bowker, Christine Moffitt

Guidance Regarding Hatchery Operation Jesse Trushenski, Jim Bowker, and Christine Moffitt spearhead guidelines in the new American Fisheries Society Fisheries Magazine - Aquaculture-Themed Issu ...Read more.

AIFRB Member Dr. Bruce Collette Awarded Joseph S. Nelson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Ichtyology

Dr. Bruce Collette Awarded for Lifetime Achievement in Ichtyology

NOAA Scientist Wins Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award NOAA Fisheries Senior Research Scientist Dr. Bruce Collette was recently awarded the Joseph S. Nelson Award for lifetime achievement in ichthyology (the study of fish) from the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. This award recognizes an outstanding body of work in ichthyology and is only the second of its kind to be …Read more.

AIFRB Member and Emeritus Jeff June in a NOAA Video

Emeritus Jeff June in a NOAA Video

Diving for Debris: Washington’s Success Story in Fishing Nets out of the Ocean - For over a decade, the Northwest Straits Foundation, supported by the NOAA Marine Debris Program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state agencies, and many others, has been removing lost and abandoned fishing nets from the inland ocean waters of Puget Sound. Lost during fishing operations, the …Read more.

Dr. Patrick Lynch Selected for W.F. Thompson Best Paper Award

Dr. Patrick Lynch Selected for W.F. Thompson Best Paper Award

Dr. Patrick Lynch's 2012 paper, "Performance of methods used to estimate indices of abundance for highly migratory species," published in Fisheries Research has been selected for this year's W.F. Thompson Best Paper Award. This award is made annually by the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists for the best student-authored paper published in the peer-reviewed literature. The Award is presented …Read more.

Photo of Robert Bob Olson, AIFRB member and IATTC retired


BOB OLSON’S RETIREMENT Dr. Robert J. Olson, a member of the AIFRB since 1984 and an employee of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) for more than  …Read more.







John Hart was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on May 8, 1904. In his undergraduate years at the Uni-versity of Toronto, he was influenced first by Dr. W.A. Clemens, and later by Dr. J.R. Dymond, to pursue a ca-reer in fisheries biology, and from 1922 to 1925 he stu-died the life history of the whitefish, mainly in Lake Ni-pigon. During …Read more.



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