How to Apply

Send your resume to AIFRB Membership Chair Todd Chapman at

The application should include colleges and universities attended, degrees and major and minor fields of study, descriptions of experience, list of publications, professional achievements in science and pubic affairs.


Membership is open to qualified individuals with formal training and demonstrated competence and achievement in the field of fishery science, conservation, and management and related research. An individual’s membership rank is based on their achievements in fishery and related sciences and conservation. AIRFB new member, Lisa Kerr, is a fisheries research biologist at GMRIApplicants are admitted as active members at Associate, Member or Fellow (highest) rank by meeting specific qualifications. Members are advanced in rank based on exemplary achievements such as in publishing, professional growth and responsibility, teaching that contributes to resource conservation, or editorial excellence. Or they may be recognized for promoting key fishery-related legislation or exceptional program planning and management of activities in fishery organizations, or professional involvement in public affairs related to aquatic resource conservation. After retirement, a member may apply for Emeritus status.



Graduate student (undergraduate students on a case-by-case basis) in fishery or related field of science (student) or college graduate recently employed in a fishery related science.


Competence and achievement with experience beyond college of two years (PhD), four years (master's degree) or five years (bachelor's degree).


Distinguished achievement with experience beyond college of 12 years (PhD), 14 years (master's degree) and 15 years (bachelor's degree)

What To Know

The Membership Committee reviews the application and designates the membership rank. Invitations to join are then sent to the approved applicants. Members may apply or may be nominated for advancement in rank. There is no cost for advancement. Applications for advancement in rank should include an updated curriculum vitae, including additional course work, degrees, descriptions of professional experience, title of positions, number of employees or students supervised and a description of responsibilities of courses taught. Also include your updated list of publications and other information on our professional achievements in science and public affairs.

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