New AIFRB Symposium

New AIFRB Symposium

New AIFRB Symposium

AIFRB is hosting a symposium entitled, "Knowledge Mobilization: More Than Just Bridging the Gap between Knowledge Producers and Users," at the 2017 WABC-AFS Annual General Meeting in Spokane, Washington, from April 10—13. It is becoming well accepted that good science should be the foundation for many policies, but the challenge is often getting that information from knowledge producers (e.g. scientists, fishers) into the hands of the knowledge users (e.g., fisheries managers, policy advocates). More than just "bridging the gap," the purpose of this process is to improve outcomes by connecting research and expertise to policy and practice. This symposium explores different facets of "knowledge mobilization," inviting speakers to share case studies on its use in fisheries management (successes and lessons learned), effective communication strategies for knowledge producers and/or users, incorporating fisher and indigenous traditional knowledge into research and management, and the importance of community engagement.

To date, the symposium has one confirmed plenary speaker, Dr. Nathan Young, an associate professor in the school of Sociological and Anthropological Studies at the University of Ottawa. A sociologist by training, but an interdisciplinarian at heart, Dr. Young regularly collaborates with natural scientists to explore issues of overlap with the social sciences, particularly around environmental problems and controversies. Recent work by his group includes obtaining perspectives from a variety of user groups regarding knowledge sharing in management of Fraser River fisheries in British Columbia, Canada, and developing recommendations for improving communication among these groups.

To submit an abstract for an oral presentation in the symposium, please contact symposium chair and AIFRB BC District Director Brittany Jenewein ( for more details. Information about the WABC- AFS Annual General Meeting can be found at

Volunteers Needed

AIFRB is also hosting an information booth at the meeting's Trade Show, and needs volunteers to help run the booth and discuss the benefits of joining our organization to attendees. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brittany Jenewein ( as soon as possible.

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