A Request from AIFRB President

A Request from AIFRB President

A Request from AIFRB President

Greetings AIFRB Members,

We are requesting:

• all members to provide us with an email address
• our members opt to receive newsletters and Briefs electronically

From AIFRB's incorporation in 1956 to the present, the Institute has conducted nearly all its business via US Postal Service. However, the standard for conducting business has changed dramatically since the inception of the World Wide Web, and it only makes sense that we, as an organization, would also conduct the business of the Institute through this portal. It allows the Board to reach our entire membership in a matter of minutes, and allows our members full and immediate access to the Institute, especially through our vastly improved website aifrb.org. In what used to take weeks, new membership applications can be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and dues can be paid immediately, thereby allowing for immediate approval and update of membership. Transferring our means of doing business to an electronic standard will also save us hundreds to thousands of dollars, by eliminating mailing and postage costs for newsletters and other notices. We can surely put that money to better use, funding student research awards and our suite of professional awards, as well conducting other business of the Institute.

Because of the immense power that this will afford us, we now intend to conduct all primary business of the Institute through the Internet and email. In order to take full advantage of this, we are requesting all of our members to provide us with an email address. We also are requesting that our members opt to receive newsletters and Briefs electronically. For a brief transition period, we will still honor requests for hard copies of newsletters and Briefs, but we're strongly encouraging the membership to join us in this venture in the spirit of the green revolution. In the near future, members can expect to receive email blasts regarding the important business of the Institute. From time to time, it will still be necessary to use the postal service, so we also ask the membership to please update your contact information.

Tom Keegan, President

In Briefs, December 2015

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