2016 Distinguished Service Award

2016 Distinguished Service Award

2016 Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an AIFRB member who has performed outstanding and sustained service to the institute.  In 2016, the award committee recommended Sean Lucey as the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, and the AIFRB Board unanimously agreed.  

The award recognizes Lucey’s role as a liaison between AIFRB and AFS, including his role in organizing a series of AIFRB-sponsored symposia on a variety of topics held at AFS annual meetings since 2013.  Award Committee Chair Steve Cadrin said, “Sean Lucey has expanded the role of AIFRB/AFS Liaison, has convened several successful symposia, and has expanded the impact of symposia and AIFRB by editing a special issue of Fisheries journal dedicated to the 2014 AFS Meeting symposia, including an excellent article on being a member of professional societies”.   

Lucey took over as the AIFRB-AFS liaison in 2013, following the long service of the previous liaison, Doug Vaughan.  Starting in 1996, Vaughan began a long tradition of AIFRB sponsored symposia at the AFS annual meeting, focused on ways to improve quantitative assessments, and received the Distinguished Service Award in 2009.  Lucey picked up and expanded this tradition to include a wide range of symposia topics, reflecting current issues and questions in fisheries science.  AIFRB sponsored symposia organized by Lucey include:

2013: “Piloting big rivers for the challenges ahead” -  Little Rock, Arkansas

2014: “Are we still fishing down the food web?” - Quebec City, Canada

2015: “Balancing conservation and utilization to sustain fisheries” - Portland, Oregon

2016: “Fisheries science in 140 characters: The role of social media in our science” - Kansas City, Missouri

Lucey is employed by NOAA, working at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, as the Acting Deputy Division Chief for the Resource Evaluation and Assessment Division.  Lucey is also a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology, working on a dissertation titled, "Evaluating Ecosystem-Based Management Strategies against the Current Single-Stock Approach."

Photo caption: Sean Lucey (right) receives the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from AIFRB President Tom Keegan (left) at the 2016 AIFRB sponsored symposium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Steve Cadrin
AIFRB – Fellow
Chair – Distinguished Service Award Committee

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