2016 AIFRB BOC Meeting Minutes

2016 AIFRB BOC Meeting Minutes

AIFRB BOC Meeting Minutes
August 20 and 21, 2016
Kansas City, MO


  • Call to order (Keegan):  Meeting was called to order by President Tom Keegan at 10:00 am CDT on the 20th of August 2016.
  • Roll call and determination of quorum (Warkentine): Attendance in person of at least one elected officer and four district directors representing at least three regions constitute a quorum (AIFRB bylaws: Article III Sect 3).  There was a quorum.  Four District Directors were in attendance, representing 3 regions.  
  • Introduction of Board members and other attendees: Present were: Tom Keegan (President & N. Calif DD), Steve Cadrin (Immediate Past-President), Dick Beamish (Second Past-President), Cate O’Keefe (Treasurer), Barbara Warkentine (Secretary), Kim Anthony (S. Calif DD), Mark Chandler (Capital DD), Ben Galuardi (New England DD), Todd Chapman (Membership Chair), Sean Lucey (AIFRB-AFS Liaison), Mary Blasius (Young Professional Rep.). Via Skype – Allen Shimada (Assist. Treasurer) and Sarah Fox (Web/Briefs Consultant).  Visitor – Marco Milardi.
  • Review and Adoption of the Agenda (Keegan):  The agenda was adopted
  • Local Arrangements (Lucey, Cadrin, Keegan):
  • Orientation and lunch plans:  No formal arrangements were made.    
  • Social Dinner:  Board members opted to go to the KC Royals game in lieu of a social dinner.
  • Group picture plans. Picture was taken on Sunday.
  • AIFRB-sponsored symposium: Sean Lucey organized the symposium. The focus was on “Fisheries Science in 140 Characters:  The Role of Social Media in Our Science”. It was held on Tuesday the 23rd of August in the Chouteau A room at the Sheraton Hotel.  Fliers announcing this as an AIFRB sponsored symposium were printed and distributed. There were two keynote speakers in addition to regular presentations.  Each keynote speaker was given an honorarium of $1000.  Sean was able to secure funds to cover $900 of this cost.  Donations came from Smith-Root, RFID, and the AFS Fisheries Technology sector.  Sean has already sent out letters of thanks to these sponsors.  


       During the symposium, both the AIFRB Distinguished Service Award and the Thompson Award were presented to Sean Lucey and Wesley Larson respectively.

       Since these awards had to be presented between the two keynote addresses, the Board agreed that an award presentation time slot be built into future AIFRB sponsored symposia held at AFS meetings. This time could also be used for a brief presentation on AIFRB.  The Board agreed that the time allotted should not exceed a few minutes so as not to take time away from symposia speaker’s time.      


  • AIFRB booth at the AFS meeting (Keegan):  


      • Set-up:  Tom reported that it would have cost AIFRB about $500 to ship the large display.  It was decided to save these funds and have a smaller display.  The cost for the booth was $650.  The Board agreed that this is a worthwhile expense as it gives us great visibility and helps recruit new members.  
      • Details: location, times, materials:  The Booth was set up on Monday in the exhibit hall.  Those staying for the AFS meetings were asked to volunteer their time to man the booth.  

     There were a few copies of the AIFRB 50th Anniversary symposium book available to give to new members that signed up.  Dick was pleased to report that the book had received 30,000 downloads.

The Board asked Sarah about the status of the T-shirts that she worked on designing.  She stated that once the order is placed they will be shipped out and should arrive early Monday or early Tuesday.  Given this the Board agreed that placing the order and shipping them would not get them here early enough to serve our purpose.  The decision was made to not go through with the order at this time. The Board thanked Sarah for her work on this project and assured her that we will use her designed T-shirts at future meetings.

  • Updated AIFRB poster:  No district posters were available for display.  An AIFRB poster was available  
        • Volunteers to man the booth: Those staying for the AFS meetings were asked to volunteer their time to man the booth.  


  • President’s Report (Keegan): Tom praised the work of all those members that have volunteered their time and efforts in helping to keep AIFRB moving forward.  He was disappointed that there were no applications for the Clark Hubbs Research Awards.  This speaks to our need to vigorously promotion our awards.  It was suggested that we talk briefly about our awards at this year’s symposium.  It was also suggested that we tweet items from the BOC meeting to stimulate interest in AIFRB.  Sean said that there will be live tweeting during the symposium.  


The Thompson Award program was very successful thanks to Frank Panek and the reviewers.  

Membership chair, Todd Chapman, has been working hard at bringing in members, getting current members to seek promotion, and getting members to pay their arrear dues.  

Tom noted that one of the major challenges facing AIFRB is our monetary resources.  This is an area that needs to have our upmost attention.   


  • Secretary's Report (Warkentine):  Barbara thanked those individuals that helped her with the minutes from the 2015 BOC meeting.  She also reminded the BOC that she would only be willing to remain as Secretary for two more Board meetings.    
  • Approval and adoption of Minutes of the 2015 Board meeting (Portland Oregon):  A motion by Dick Beamish to accept the minutes from the 2015 BOC meeting was seconded by Sean Lucey and unanimously approved by the BOC.  
  • Notes from the mid-term conference call.  The notes from this call were included in the briefing book. No formal approval was needed.  
  • Treasurer’s Report (O’Keefe):
  • Discussion of deficit and ways to address it.  Cate reviewed the state of the Treasury with the BOC.  Her report showed that we spend more than we take in.  Comments generated consisted of the following:


        • Our fiducial responsibility is to spend what we have and not go into a deficit.  We need to consider a balanced budget policy.
        • We are doing a disservice to the Kasahara Award by not giving out that award while drawing off revenue generated from that fund to offset our deficit.
        • We need to have a budgeted item of $1000 for the AIFRB sponsored symposium.
        • We do a great job recruiting members but, since we rely heavily on our dues income, we need to work on retention of these members and keeping them in good standing.  Districts should look to link with AFS regional groups to run workshops or meetings to recruit and stimulate interest. Link to other professional societies to establish a strong base within districts.  Consider producing a letter that would compel someone to join AIFRB and remain involved.  We need a more detailed plan of what makes a district successful.
        • Consider publishing a “how to” book on fishery issues as related to social media.  This idea was not favorably look on as our product is fisheries not social media.
        • Consider having a publication that focuses on how to work with agencies, establishing collaborations, etc.  


  • Discuss removing delinquent members from the active member roster.  There are currently 73 members that are in arrears for three years.  


ACTION ITEM:  Todd will contact, via e-mail, these delinquent members requesting that they pay their dues or be removed.  Todd will also send a list of these members to the District Directors for them to contact these members as well.  If they are not paid up by the end of this year they will be removed.

ACTION ITEM:  A large amount of delinquent members currently not paid for 2016 are students.  It was suggested that our Young Professional Representative contact these members.    


  • Reimbursement for Board Members:  The Board agreed that the reimbursement rate of $600 would remain. However, members were encouraged to seek other sources for reimbursement.   
  • Adoption of Authorization for Treasurer (Fiscal year 2016-17): A motion, by Barbara Warkentine, to authorize the current Treasurer to conduct business as approved by the Board of Control for Fiscal year 2016-2017 was seconded and unanimously approved by the Board.


BOTTOM LINE:  AIFRB can’t continue to work on a “Planned Deficit” mode.


At this point the Board broke from the agenda to brain storm on two critical points:

1) How to make AIFRB more visible, particularly on the national level.

2) How to address the deficit problem.

Discussion regarding item 1 above (Visibility):  

In reviewing the social media links on the website it was noted that we have more than one Facebook page.  This is confusing for members as well as visitors to the site.  One of the Facebook pages was for members to post and the other was for the general public to post.  The BOC decided to have only the public group Facebook page.  It was also decided that members of the Board should have administrative privileges for Facebook.  At the end of the Board meeting many board members had this privilege.

The question of what do we want to do in the next few years was explored.  The BOC reviewed the mission statement. It says what we do and the Bylaws documents in greater detail what our mission is.  The three major points are:  Advancement, recognition, and standards.  

What do we do to meet these?  Advancement and recognition are met by our awards.  We do this but have not kept them up and have poor outreach.  

ACTION ITEM:   District Directors must solicit nominations for awards within their districts.

ACTION ITEM:  The President will have bi-monthly conference calls with the District Directors.  He will work with Kim to get these dates on the calendar.

Greater visibility for AIFRB discussion and plan

Dick strongly suggested that we bring AIFRB to the National level by setting as a priority hosting another stand-alone symposium.  This will not only give a visibility but it will bring in needed revenue and establishes our “Brand” as different from AFS.

ACTION ITEM:  Dick has agreed to work on this along with Steve and Tom.    They will also try to get Brian Rothchild on board.  

The symposium focus would be:  “Impact of a changing climate on commercial and recreational fisheries in North America”.  

Potential sources of funding discussed were:  DFO and NMFS.  The target funding level to start would be $25,000 each.  

The California Districts would need to play a major role in this venture as Sausalito would be the ideal spot to have it.  

Important to the success of this symposium is that the papers presented be published.  This could be done by AFS or through a University Press.  

The symposium would be from 2 to 3 days.

We could host 300 to 500 people or restrict registration to 300 but charge a higher registration fee.  

A number of committees must be set up to deal with such things as:  Obtaining sponsors, setting up the program, getting speakers, local arrangements, housing, etc.  

Dick stressed that we must get the members involved and get their agreement before going forward.

A tentative time line was set up.  It is as follows:

1) Following the BOC meeting:

ACTION ITEM:  Tom will send a notice to the membership outlining our plan for this symposium.  He will ask for their input and agreement.

ACTION ITEM:  Tom will contact the California districts to see if they are willing to assist.

2) By May/June 2017 need to know if sponsors are willing to provide support.  A check is not needed at this point just a willingness.  Six months after need to have a commitment from the sponsors.  

3) Summer 2017 -- Work on getting keynote speakers.

4) September 2017 -- Have keynote speakers confirmed

5) Summer 2018 -- Set up the program

6) Spring 2019 -- Host symposium

7) 2020 -- Publication of symposium.

The BOC agreed to this plan of action.  

Discussion regarding item 2 above (Deficit):  

The Treasurer’s report shows that we have a $25,000 budget with only $10,000 coming in.  The level of income has remained stable for many years.  The Board’s discussion started off with listing our priorities.  Awards, symposia, and district support were the top three items.  Awards and symposia have cost AIFRB approximately $5,000 annually.  District support has been around $2,500.  How to balance our budget generated a lengthy discussion.  The Board started off proposing that our operating budget should be around $15,000.   How to get there, or as close as possible to it, was challenging.  The Board made many attempts at getting a reasonable budget in place.  The Board finally agreed on the budget presented in Table 1 for fiscal year 2017. (Note:  Our fiscal year follows the calendar year). The Board agreed that if we are going to exceed this budget than the BOC members must be involved in the discussion and vote to approve or disapprove the request.  

Table 1:  Budget for fiscal year 2017.

Item Budgeted amount
Thompson Award $1000
Kasahara Award $1000
Clark Hubbs Award $1500
Symposium at AFS $  500
District Support $1500
BOC $5000
Newsletter (BRIEFS) $1200*
Dues Mailings $2000
Trade Show $  650
Web Master (Consultant) $3000**
Operations (certificates, pins, etc) $  700
TOTAL $18,050

*Items further discussed below.  

*Newsletter (BRIEFS):

The Board also discussed other ways of further cutting the budget.  One was to look at eliminating the cost of mailing out BRIEFS.  It would be ideal if we could eliminate all mailings of BRIEFS, but there are currently about 100 members that still prefer hard copy. This results in a cost of $2,000.  We could save this cost if we did this ourselves.  

ACTION ITEM:  Mary has agreed to do the formatting and to send it to Barbara.

ACTION ITEM:  Barbara agreed to have these printed out and mailed.  She will work on covering the cost for postage.  

**Web Master: (Consultant):  Allen felt that we are underutilizing the services offered.  The Board explored this through a discussion of these two questions: If we are underutilizing her services than how much of the services offered do we really need”? and “Of those services that we do use, how much are they worth”.  In exploring these questions the Board learned that there has never been a written contract in place to define the duties associated with this position.  Therefore, without such a contract, the Board has no way of measuring what our return for our investment was.  Having a written contact in place would help the Board in its assessment of need and be able to put a true value on its worth.   

Contract components:  The contract will be negotiated by the Treasurer and President.  The contract once developed will be negotiated for 2017.  

Components:  Remove social media from this position.  Mary has agreed to administer Facebook. Contact BOC members for BRIEFS content.  Have a submission schedule in place.  Website content to focus on AIFRB items only.  

Duties:  Maintain 4 Newsletters/year.  Publication schedule to be:

  1. Fall (Oct)  – Post BOC meeting
  2. Winter (Jan) – Dues notification
  3. Spring (April) – Awards solicitation
  4. Summer (July) – Prior to the BOC meeting

ACTION ITEM:  Cate will draft a contact and circulate it to the BOC for input.




  • Membership Report (Chapman):


Todd reported that he likes talking to students.  In his conversations with them he found out that many of them didn’t realize that they could update from the rank of Associate to Member.  To get members to pay up, Todd suggested that the DD take an active role in contacting them.  He also suggested that you corner them at social events or district meetings.  Todd has had a lot of success in doing this.  

Todd brought up for discussion the relationship between years past acquiring a degree and eligibility for membership at the rank of member/fellow.  Many members of the committee put significant weight on the actually years past the persons last degree in determining rank of membership.  He gave the following example:  If someone has just acquired their Ph.D. but has 25 years of experience with significant publications this person would not qualify, according to what is printed in our membership brochure, for Member or Fellow rank.  Barbara, a member of the committee, stated that she looks more at the body of work, rather than focusing on the years beyond the degree.  

The Board looked at the Bylaws and found that there is room for interpretation.  They can be looked at as saying experience with rather than experience beyond.  The Board agreed that the website and the brochure be changed to reflect this interpretation.  

ACTION ITEM:  Todd will have the membership brochure and website changed from “Experience beyond… to “Experience with…  for the qualifications for Member and Fellow status.  

The Board agreed that we need to revamp our brochure.  Highlight the benefits and perhaps state three strong reasons to join rather than seven.

ACTION ITEM:  Todd, Steve, and Kim will work on updating the brochure.

It is also important to maintain and update a membership directory.

ACTION ITEM: Todd will, at the end of each academic year, reach out to student members asking them to consider promotion to member.  

ACTION ITEM: Todd will put a piece in the April BRIEFS a reminder about promotion opportunities and a request to update their contact information.  

ACTION ITEM:  Dues notices and donation solicitations should go out with the October BRIEFS.  


  • Website update (Fox, Shimada):  The Board agreed that Sarah has done a great job fixing up the look of our website.  They also stated that only AIFRB related content should be put on it.  It needs to be current. Everyone has to review it and needed changes must be made quickly.   
  • Briefs update:  The Board agreed that the BRIEFS editor needs to reach out to the District Directors and Officers asking for content rather than wait for items to come in unsolicited.  Once a month calls should go out requesting items.      
  • Report by AIFRB-AFS Liaison (Lucey):  Sean is exploring topics for next year’s symposium.  Steve has agreed to help with the 2017 symposium.
  • Young Professional Representative Report (Blasius):  Mary highlighted some of the things she would like to implement.  Once a month she would like to have something posted on social media (e.g. feature a student, post questions).  She is particularly interested in featuring female members to get away from the stigma that we are an “old boys” group.  We also need a “youtube” channel.


ACTION ITEM:  Kim will investigate the youtube item.  


  • Awards and Award Committee updates:
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards (Beamish):  Nominations were received under the individual category.  Additional nominations for both the group and individual categorys should be submitted to Dick.  
  • Kasahara Award (Cadrin):  $1000 has been budgeted for this award.  In three years we will have $3000 available to offer an award at that time.  This establishes a three year award cycle.
  • Distinguished Service Award: The committee recommended that Todd Chapman receive the 2016 award.  Steve recommended that all the members of the Membership Committee receive this award as well.  The Board agreed.  Arrangement will be made to make these official presentations.
  • Clark Hubbs Research Assistance Awards (Ault):  No awards were given this year.  The Board agreed that this award program needs to be better advertised.  District Directors need to do a better job of outreaching to their members.  
  • W.F. Thompson Award (Panek)


      • Award recommendation and approval:  The Committee recommended that the W.F. Thompson Award be given to Dr. Wesley Larson for his published paper:  Larson, W.A., Seeb, L.W., Everett, M.V., Waples, R.K.,Templin,W.D.  and J.E. Seeb. 2014. Genotyping by sequencing resolves shallow population structure to inform conservation of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha).  Evolutionary Applications, 7(3):355-369.
      • Presentation of 2014 award arrangements:  The award was presented to Dr.  on Tuesday during the AIFRB sponsored symposium.  


  • Filling Vacant District Director positions (Keegan, Cadrin)
  • The Board considered a number of individuals that could assume the duties of District Director for those districts that don’t have a director as well as for those that have been inactive.  The Pacific Northwest area needs to have someone in the Seattle area. A letter will be send to S.G. Tolley thanking him for his service as the Board did find an individual that indicated interest in the Directorship.  


ACTION ITEM:  Kim and Tom will reach out to this individual to get confirmation.

ACTION ITEM: Ben will reach out to people in the Arizona-New Mexico area.



  • District Reports:  District Directors summited their reports, but no verbal reports were made at this BOC meeting.  
  • Pacific Northwest Super District (Washington NE, Oregon–SW Washington)  (David Hand - david_hand@fws.gov):  
  • Northern California (Thomas Keegan - TomK@helixepi.com)
  • Capital (Mark D. Chandler - mark.chandler@noaa.gov)
  • Arizona - New Mexico (Vacant)
  • Texas (Brad Erisman - berisman@utexas.edu)
  • South Central Great Lakes (Vacant)
  • Carolina  (Vacant)
  • Old business


ACTION ITEM:  Tom and Al will work on making arrangement to present the Award to Ken Chew.  


  • New Business:
  • Nominations for next President (Keegan, Cadrin):  Nominations are still open for President-elect.  A number of individual were suggested.  A review of the Bylaws is necessary to make sure an individual doesn’t come from a region that would not be eligible to run for this position.


ACTION ITEM:  Ballots to be mailed out in October.


  • Replacement Secretary for new Presidents term.  Barbara has agreed to stay on for two more BOC meeting so that one year will be an overlap with the new President.  A replacement should be looked at before the end of her agreement.  
  • Procedures Manual and Bylaws review and update:  The latest version of the Procedures Manuel was e-mailed to Board member and Committee Chairs.  


    ACTION ITEM:  Everyone was instructed to review their section and made changes, clean up language, and return their copy to Kim, who will comply all the changes.

          ACTION ITEM: The Board will look at the Bylaws to see if there are an changes to be made.  

John Borman has agreed to help us when should we need to open up our Bylaws. Discussion on Bylaw changes will occur at the next BOC meeting in Tampa FL.  Bylaw changes will be sent out to the members for their vote following that meeting.

ACTION ITEM:  Tom will send out an e-mail to Board members and Committee Chairs asking them to review both the Procedures Manual and the Bylaws and to have their comments submitted to Kim by December 16th.

  1. Mid-year conference call:  The Board agreed that the mid-year conference call be closer to the mid-year time.  The conference call will occur in mid-January.


  • Appointments (Keegan):  Items to be acted on if necessary
  • Officers:  All agreed to remain on in their appointed positions.
  • Regional Directors: These will follow the established grid.
  • Interim Directors:  Will be worked on by Tom, Ben, Cate, Al, and Tom.  
  • Standing Committee Chairs:  Current chairs will be asked is they will remain as chairs.  
  • Special Committee Chairs:  The committees for the Special AIFRB Symposium will be set up during the year.  
  • Special Titles:  The Board noted that we have a Science Editor.  This position has not been fully developed.  Therefore, the Board agreed that this title be removed from all places where is occurs.  
  • Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 CDT.  



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